Welcome to Rio Grande Return

Welcome to Rio Grande Return

Rio Grande Return seeks to re-build healthy relationships between the river, its’ wildlife & human inhabitants as well as reunite the river with its’ communities of farmers, producers, authors & artists alike. Rio Grande Return supports and helps fund farmers, producers & various organizations in the Rio Grande watershed for the restoration/conservation, protection & sustainability of the Rio Grande.

If you are interested in the conservation of the Rio Grande, as well as its wildlife and agricultural lands, you may donate directly to Rio Grande Return by making a TAX DEDUCTIBLE DONATION HERE (link will be added). Volunteer opportunities may arise from time to time so check back often for more information on how to get involved.

Rio Grande Return is in the process of developing its own brand name products. We are hoping to have a red and a green salsa and Hatch green chile in stores soon. We will continue to update the site as things progress. In the meantime, please consider making a tax deductible donation (link to be added) directly to Rio Grande Return.

Donations to Rio Grande Return are used to protect:

*Water *Wildlife *Habitat *Open Space

*Agricultural Lands *Traditional Agriculture *Native Seed